It's All Good: Where to find a Free Meal & Companionship

It’s All Good 

Mom lived kindness and generosity to others. She said it just felt good to help and that because we have much we must help those who are not as lucky. When I balked at doing the right thing, she’d appeal to my young selfishness and say that kindness is never wasted. "Everything you do to help others will come back to you." At the end of her life my mother was surrounded by an army of those who loved and cared for her. She said, “You see. I told you. I told you that all the good you do comes back to you. I chose to help others and now I have so much.”

Who doesn’t appreciate a good end-of-life I-told-you-so?

WE are all we have. I’m feeding positivity with It’s All Good, posts about the Do-Gooders I admire and aspire to be like.

Meet LexEat Together -  a free, nutritious restaurant style 3-course meal served weekly. Respect and companionship are main ingredients to the meals.

LexEat Together was founded by Harriet Kaufmann, John Bernhard, George Murnaghan and Laura Derby. This Gang of Four saw a need for a local, free community meal. This wasn’t going to be just any soup kitchen. They envisioned a warm and dignified meal with real dishes and tablecloths and centerpieces. They sought to create a setting to nourish the spirit as well as the body. After many months of planning and finger-crossing, LexEat opened its doors almost one year ago.  

When you come to Lex Eat Together, volunteers welcome you with friendly smiles and greetings. Guests and Volunteers enjoy dinner and conversation. Everyone is given a warm meal and genuine companionship.

At Lex Eat Together they are working to eliminate hunger and isolation. I am so proud of them and so glad to be a (small) part of what they are doing. Join them. Learn more at

Meals are served every Wednesday evening from 5:15 - 6:30  at Our Church of the Redeemer,       6 Meriam St, Lexington, MA. See the week's meal on the website or Facebook page.

I have seen the organizers of Lex Eat Together in action and they are an astounding crew of energetic and joyful volunteers. To support their work, I've created this bold and kind tote bag. $5 from each purchase goes toward Lex Eat Together. Grab this friendly bag and let them know you're one of the good guys.