it's time to bundle up against the nasty elements

You’ve had enough already, haven’t you?

Sure winter is coming. It is already colder than we can bear out there -

the vicious, biting windbags;
the brutally cold assessment of the future;
the slippery slopes of nasty discourse.

Join me in fighting the darkness. Bundle up against the bitterness, baby. Our armor is bold colorful optimism on tender silk.

Wrap yourself in a cocoon of color and charge forth — well, saunter forth - no charging or battle is needed when you know you are right, right

Draped in exuberance you will slay negativity with vibrancy and optimism. 

These new silk scarves are Art, baby, and they cover you in protective joy. Choose your colors: bright and swirling blues, giddy orange, pink and teal or even bold black-is-a-color-too on a field of white. 

Yeah, it may be dark out there, sure. But you are a beacon of goodness and light.

Pardon My French, Silk Scarf
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