Why It's All A Lot Better If I Knew A Little Bit Less

It is always on those chilly, rainy days when you fail to grab a shopping cart but then exit with way too much in your arms. 

Carrying two giant bags of guinea pig bedding out of the local Petco while spritzing rain ruins my hair (my HAIR!!!) and mucks up my glasses (I can’t see! I can’t see!)  I really should have grabbed a cart - ah well. I lean the bulky packs of shredded paper against my filthy SUV and wonder how I’ll find the keys. 

“Need a hand?"

A friendly and just perfectly nice and perfectly ordinary man came around the corner of my car and very kindly and non-creepily helped me. And he went off splashing off toward the shops. Just like that. It was so nice! So neighborly.  

My Minor Samaratin was a mid-sized white guy with graying hair and a gentle smile. A fast moving guy in plain khakis who just saw a person in need and he wanted to help. 

I tossed my damp carcass into the drivers seat and buckled up. I cranked up the heat and willed it to get toasty and fast.

“Well, that was really nice to have that little help.” It brightened my mood on that dreary day. The Nice Guy had zipped off into to the store to grab some dog food - or maybe cat food? Or birdseed? I didn’t know. 

I also didn’t know anything about him. I sat in my idling car and reviewrf a quick list of things I didn’t know about The Nice Guy:

I didn’t know:
who he was going to vote for;
what his religion was (if any);
if he was straight or gay or whatever;
if he was liberal or conservative.
Who knew?

Who cared?

It didn't matter. 

I KNEW he was nice. I KNEW he helped me. I KNEW that felt good.

It was so soothing to settle into a quiet piece of goodness that followed his simple kindness. I was assisted by a total stranger- and it was wonderful. It was a tiny gift that we could just be two people being good - well, he was being kind and I was being grateful.
If i had known all those details. If I had known them and he had known all about me, would he have not been kind to me? Would I have been less appreciative? 

Would it have changed anything?

Such simple humanity.

How much we need it.

Before all the disagreeableness and all the insistence that we are right - let’s allow kindness in the door FIRST.

Stand together

- you know - "One nation under God. With liberty and justice for all." Yeah, you heard me: ALL. 

Spread some love and wild joy with little note cards that say it all with verve, baby!