Great Gifts For Guys

Let's make this fast and painless - like ripping off a band aid but without the sting.

You've got a guy.

He needs a gift.

Typically, you'd consider just giving him a steak and a... ah...something nice... fill in the blank.

But really you want something you can put under the tree. 

Top Of Line The Line Awesome comes from Mancrates. They make fantastically masculine gift crates - notice I did not say "baskets". They put together fantastic jerky and other bacony joy in a crate that can only be opened with a crow bar (included). For an extra $10 they'll wrap your gift for you - in duct tape of course.

Check out the wide variety of manly crates. You won't be sorry.  

Next Up - If you want to show your affection all year 'round - you will totally score big with a beer of the month club. The testosterone-infused creature in my life liked this gift the most and it is Christmas every time it arrives. I use Beer Of The Month. Their customer service is fantastic and you can choose a delivery schedule that suits you - you can order a club for every other month or quarterly. They are very flexible. And the beer is great! 

And for guys who actually dig ties - you have to try The Tie Bar. They have a great selection of trendy and classic ties from skinny to average. Prices are just $19. You can spring for a few. And grab a tie bar, too. 

By the way, I am NOT an affiliate for any of these companies. I just really like to share good stuff.