Studio Tour!



How about an Art-Cave?

I just call it my studio. Mr. Exuberance refers to it as “The Shop” in a nod to my dad’s defunct plumbing supply store. 

Come on in. I’ll show you around.

Let me get my key.

No really. This IS the key I use to open my studio each workday.


The first peek inside!!

First stop - I plop my bags down and check in with myself at the counter. This is all business - files and inspirational books to peek at.

And supplies underneath - Twelve pull-out baskets and some display easels are stowed away behind the wild curtains. Under there you’ll find canvas stretching tools, photo equipment, packing materials, framing supplies, a broom, a cauldron and a cheeseburger (maybe). 

The light in here is an absolute dream. I love the tall windows and light that filters in. It warms the studio on chilly days, even. 

In the corner there is a built in bookshelf with some sweet little paintings hanging out with my studio cat. My most prized possession is a photograph of my mother working in HER studio, taken by my brother. I am always encouraged when I see her at work there. 

Although I paint like crazy and am constantly in motion, I am one of the few things not on wheels in this place. The tables and supply carts have wheels so I can reconfigure the work area as I go along.

If you stay too long you may leave with casters on, too!

A paint addiction is not such a bad thing - if you have a good place to store it and keep it handy. I have two Raskog carts from IKEA that make me so happy. The only improvement I can think of for these is for them to be pink or lime green or yellow. THAT would be divine. 

Right now the work table and paint table are in a convenient L-shape layout which is perfect for working on 20 works on paper at a time. I like to move from piece to piece - otherwise I am often in danger of overworking a painting so I have to keep moving. Sometimes I will think a piece is a disaster and then 10 minutes later I will find that it has improved substantially while my back was turned!

<sigh> WALL SPACE. This is a great spot for painting or for displaying work as I have it today.

I recently had a visitor who wanted to see some work so I have left it up to show you, too. Would you like to stop by for a visit? Let me know. I would love to schedule a visit.

(When you come, I will introduce you to Sweet Tomatah who lives on the windowsill.)