Happiness is Wicked Cool, You Grouchy Pants!

I survived Disney World. Kept the kids (mostly) out of the shops. Rode all the rides we wanted to. And it didn't kill my dino-loving daughter to be called "Princess". (They used the "wrong" word but their kindness and helpfulness was absolutely "right".) I forced my son to ride The Small World ride with me ("Mom, this ride is embarrassing me." he whispered frantically. "Dude, you are five years old.") 

We were having a screaming blast in Disney World - not in the ironic, cynical way you'd expect. It was really fun. I left my cynicism and eye-rolling at home.

Swinging four legs on a bench, my daughter and I enjoyed the sunshine and dared each other to wear mouse ears. And right near us - it started - the grousing and complaining of fellow visitors. Two grouchy adults whining like children.

Their Magic Bands didn't work easy enough.
They hated waiting for rides.
They hated having fun on a schedule - so planning was no fun.
Everything is expensive. 

They were relentless and their complaints endless. And I realized:

"Oh, wow. We are in Disney World. If good old Walt can't make you happy then what makes me think I have any power to please everyone?" And right there I felt it in every bone - I never have to worry what other people are satisfied with my art, my blog posts or anything - and you don't either. 

It was freeing. 

Irony & cynicism aren't always sexy.  Try happiness - all the cool kids are doing it. 

So here I am. Hoping to bring you the happy - if you'll have it.

Sunny days to you,