Artist's Just Aren't That Fancy

Being an artist is actually a very simple thing.

Some people think being an artist grants clearance to drink too much beer and sleep with everyone's girlfriend.

Doesn't that sound romantic?

It is actually a simple thing to be. We are carpenters. We make work you can hang your heart on. 

Artists create something from nothing. With some basic tools and raw material artists create fields and oceans, rooms and towns - windows that take you back, draw you out and lift you up - all within a 2-D plane. All while you are standing in one spot.

For the pounding emotion and screeching laughter you may find in film, television, fashion and design. Websites, advertising, sculpture. 

From the tiny type on your business card to the color of your socks.

Thank an Artist. (Or curse them - it depends.)

And for you. We must thank you, 

Our collectors: supporters and inspiration. Without you to view, watch, enjoy (or maybe despise, deride and mock) our work - there would be little reason to make it. 

I need your eyes and hearts to interact with my art. 

And I am grateful every day for them.

Thank you.

Happy Catch, 12 x 12", Acrylic on Canvas

Happy Catch, 12 x 12", Acrylic on Canvas