Art or a Kid?: Know the Difference

I've been asked if selling a painting is like selling a part of myself or if it is like selling one of my kids. “They're like your children, aren't they?”

Now, really. 

Are you looking at or have you created a dynamic piece that screams holy hell in aisle 5; demands a “moon-shaped eggplant” and then bites you when you carry its shrieking body out of the store?

This is a child. 

Some artists say their work is “like their children.” It can't be.

If it hangs on a wall, stands on a pedestal, adorns a person, place or thing, then this is probably art. Children will always be a part of you and you cannot sell them. You also cannot stick them in the closet if they disappoint you.

Please note the difference.

The rectangular object on the left is the art.

The rectangular object on the left is the art.

What IS it like to give up a painting?

I am certaint that it is not like giving up a child - though it is certainly the experience of selling a tender and sugary moment. Much more like selling your first kiss - you hope that it will be cherished and appreciated.

When you bring home one of my paintings you are taking possession of hopes for a kinder world and the sweetest dreams that spring from my heart.

My children? I will never sell them to you. Though they are free to roam the world in search of their beloved moon-shaped eggplant.