Find Strength and Optimism With Abstract Art

When we were kids everything was so much simpler. Telephones hung humbly on the wall and there were just a handful of television stations. 

If you missed your tv show you were out of luck - no video on demand or relentless replays of programming. Every Saturday night, I was there to send off the Love Boat. I didn't totally get it but I did understand that I NEVER wanted to go on a cruise - what if I got sick? The ship's doctor was a creepy lecher!

As a grown up, though, we find that maybe the journey is a bit more like a big old boat after all. We learn to weather the storms and deal with the creepy guys with bad glasses.

Then you realize that everything is going to be okay because as all the storms have taught you - you know how to get through what comes your way.

Of course we still all have hard days and during those tough times, we have to take care of ourselves. Art helps us. Art can inspire and invigorate us. Choose a bold and brash painting to blast you into a stronger outlook. 

I'm rooting for you!

Amantha Tsaros