Giving Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

When you are seven years old, everything is probably for you. At Christmas, this was especially true.

Adorable chocolate snowmen? Must be for me, right?
Enormous poinsettia brooch with sparkles? Aw, I LOVE THEM!

Every gift that mom took out to wrap, I hoped was mine. Especially the cute ones. Mom had pretty soaps with sophisticated designs baked into them and boxes of chocolate that called my name.

"Who are those for?", I asked hopefully.

 "Oh, these are for people who may visit us but who we haven't met yet."

If you haven't met them, why did you buy them a present?

"Well, no one should ever come into our home at Christmas and not get a present. Everyone should get something. No one is left out." 

Mom gave everyone everything she could - no exceptions.

Sometimes people mom was kind to - people she took in or people she would feed - would steal something of ours and mom would brush it away breezily, "Ay! He probably needed it more than you. You can afford another one."

Hugs were extended to EVERYONE at first meeting. 

After awhile, I realized that every gift, hug, or smile we give away always comes back in greater numbers.

Let's do something extra special for ourselves this year.

No matter what you celebrate or even if you celebrate anything - have an extra box of chocolate on hand or a big hug unwrapped and ready to go.  We get so much more than we give away when we give with an open heart.

Have a beautiful Holiday Season. Spread Love.