My Favorite New Thing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Rothko at the MFA Boston

I love the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston! It is so relaxing to go in and wandering the galleries. For my last visit, I went with the specific goal of seeing the Rothko paintings on exhibit. I found the paintings to be so moving and contemplative. I especially appreciate the large black paintings with the squares the slowly move off the canvas the more you stare at them.

(I am sharing the orange painting here as the dark paintings just don't reproduce properly!)

A wonderful exhibit always leaves me feeling full and satisfied - as if I've just had a generous and very tasty meal. As I was bobbing along the corridors I saw a little flyer, "MFA Citizens". I picked it up and was so delighted to learn about the MFA's new program. New US citizens living in Massachusetts receive a free one-year family membership to the MFA. It includes free Museum admission for two adults and any number of children. You get a free MFA guide as well as discounts in the shops and on parking. Get details here.

This new program made my heart soar. It thrills me to know that the MFA shares my values and promotes what is great in our country beyond picture planes.