How I Title My Abstract Paintings

Words are wonderful - although I usually prefer to leave direct representation out of the picture, I do love what a title can bring to a piece. Titles add humor or depth.

The title add a special twist to a painting so that you see something new in it that you had not seen before. Sometimes the title of a painting gives the viewer a glimpse of the artist’s outlook on the world, or you even feel as if you are privy to a private joke.

I don’t like to fully explain my thought process in my titles but I do like the titles to add another layer to the work.

Sometimes I have the title in mind when I start a painting but more often, I come about the title as I work. My favorite titles are those that make my giggle or those that are descriptive of the mood or add to my message.

What do you think the painting below is called? Scroll down to find out.

Your Ride Is Here
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Your Ride Is Here
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