Black and White and Fluorescent Abstract Paintings

Could this be the end?

Well, it could be the end of me working in fluorescent colors. Fluorescent and dramatic works are still some of my favorites. But I can't say I'll be in a big hurry to paint with them again. Because the pigment can fade so fast, the artwork requires a lot of extra time - and fumes - to coat with special varnish so that the fluorescent paint won't fade.

There are just a few pieces left in the series. You may want to grab one before they are gone forever. Maybe you can still snag that one you've been thinking of? Have a look.


Dark mysteries and the lifting of spirits. Censer is a work of art that evokes thoughts of renewal.

Censer is a painting on paper which has been mounted to a 1.5” deep cradled wood board. I’ve created this using black, gold and fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange acrylic paints. I’ve carefully coated the painting with a UV-protective coating which has been proven to protect the fluorescent pigment. The sides of the wood support have been waxed with a matte wax to protect their natural beauty..

This artwork has been wired and is ready to hang.

Dimensions: 11” x 14” x 1.5”

Medium: Acrylic on Paper, Mounted to Maple Panel

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