Abstract Paintings Back In The Studio

It was a happy homecoming as I returned my paintings from Darker Joys back into the studio. I’m especially fond of a newer piece, “Head of Honey”. This is an 18” x 24” painting that packs a lot of power in it’s mid-sized canvas.

It took so long to finish this one. I had almost given up on it but worked the many layers until it came to life.

The Inspiration Behind "Bugle Beads"

I had a remarkably creative mother. Our home was filled with tons of craft and art supplies to play with and dig through. My new painting, “Bugle Beads”, reminds me of going on a little journey through Mom’s bead collection. Daydreaming about what all these glittery and magical elements can become. Sifting through boxes of shimmering beads or watching the light dance along the surface of a dress she’d adorned with them.

I’ve captured that magic here on this painting. Enjoy!

I Owe Pink An Apology

The color - not the pop star.

I’d always despised the color pink - thinking it was wimpy and lacking life. Clearly I had been hanging around with all the wrong pinks. It might have been a sad misconception I picked up from my mom. She also hated pink.

Until she got to be about 80. One day she confessed drily, “I like pink. It is because I’m old, I guess. I don’t know. When you get to be an old lady you start liking pink.”

Then we laughed and laughed. But she wasn’t joking - she liked pink.

I started in painting with pink as an act of rebellion - surely REAL artists don’t use pink, do they?

I choose not just “pinky pink’ but what a friend refers to as “PANK” - bright, burn-your-retinas-pink. The pinkest pink of all pinks. Magenta. Fluorescent Pink. Hot Pink. I love them.

Sometimes the pink covers the background and sometimes it is a coloristic surprise as in my painting, Happy Catch.

Please forgive me pink. I was wrong. You add life and spice to my world.

Happy Catch
60.00 119.00

Do this ONE THING for YOURSELF this holiday.

When you are seven years old, everything is probably for you. At Christmas, this was especially true.

Adorable chocolate snowmen? Must be for me, right?
Enormous poinsettia brooch with sparkles? Aw, I LOVE THEM!

Every gift that mom took out to wrap, I hoped was mine. Especially the cute ones. Mom had pretty soaps with sophisticated designs baked into them and boxes of chocolate that called my name.

"Who are those for?", I asked hopefully.

 "Oh, these are for people who may visit us but who we haven't met yet."

If you haven't met them, why did you buy them a present?

"Well, no one should ever come into our home at Christmas and not get a present. Everyone should get something. No one is left out." 

Mom gave everyone everything she could - no exceptions.

Sometimes people mom was kind to - people she took in or people she would feed - would steal something of ours and mom would brush it away breezily, "Ay! He probably needed it more than you. You can afford another one."

Hugs were extended to EVERYONE at first meeting. 

After awhile, I realized that every gift, hug, or smile we give away always comes back in greater numbers.


Let's do something extra special for ourselves this year.

No matter what you celebrate or even if you celebrate anything - have an extra box of chocolate on hand or a big hug unwrapped and ready to go.  We get so much more than we give away when we give with an open heart.

Have a beautiful week. Spread Love.


Be groovy like my mom. Spread excessive amounts of love. Give more than you think you have. You will get so much more in return.

Be groovy like my mom. Spread excessive amounts of love. Give more than you think you have. You will get so much more in return.

The Best Things In Life Are FREEBIES!

Like Dr. Jekyll I Tried It Out On Myself

Last Thursday, November 10, Lexington MA held their annual-ish Art Walk. The Art Walk turns Lexington center to one big art gallery. Art is displayed in shop windows along our main street. Artists and guests met for a reception followed by a tour of the art on display. Our Tour Leader discussed important aspects about the artists' work and their motivations behind their pieces. about the various pieces. Many of the artists were on hand to chat about their work and their inspiration. We allowed ourselves to delve into the artworks on a cool fall night at the end of a tumultuous and nerve-wracking week. It was a lovely evening of art that was relaxing and uplifting. 

For a time I was able to forget all my worries and fears. Crossing the main street I commented to a fellow artist "this is wonderful. It is amazing. Art REALLY DOES help - it TRULY CAN be uplifting and healing!" She responded with wry amusement, "Well, Amantha, that is funny to hear you say that considering that is what your work is all about."

"But I'm never on the receiving end!"

Was I a guinea pig? I had just maneuvered a maze of art and found a big hunk of peace at the end. "Man! This stuff REALLY WORKS!" I had been feeling so defeated and discouraged. With a renewed faith in the healing and helping power of art, I am going to work to help others get as much art as they possibly can into their days. We need the color and joy - we need to take care of ourselves when it seems to much that there are so many forces against us.

My first step is to launch a new Freebie section of my site. This is a library of my free downloads available to everyone*. It currently hold three items but will be expanded regularly. 

If you could just take a minute, please share this page on social media. Everyone needs art and healing. 

*Please remember that there work there is for personal use only. If you would like to  license any of the work for publication or a design project please contact me to discuss rates.