A Painting About Candy & Kittens

Who doesn’t love candy and kittens?

Who doesn't love candy or kittens? This is painting about some of my favorite things - puppies will be up next, I'm sure.

Candy and Kittens is a playful abstract painting of "candyful" colors peeking through a maze of white. This abstract painting features a range of springtime colors such as light green, pink, gentle orange and sweet pinks. Playful kittenish elements add to the fun of this painting. The sides are painted black and I’ve already wired it so you pop this one right one the wall as soon as you get it home.

What are your favorite things?

Get Ready! New Group Exhibit Coming in March

Psst! My bright and sassy paintings will be part of a small group show, “Darker Joys” at the Cambridge Art Association in March 2019. Save the date for the reception on Thursday, March 7, 2019. It will be a reception like you’ve never seen before.


The Best Things In Life Are FREEBIES!

Like Dr. Jekyll I Tried It Out On Myself

Last Thursday, November 10, Lexington MA held their annual-ish Art Walk. The Art Walk turns Lexington center to one big art gallery. Art is displayed in shop windows along our main street. Artists and guests met for a reception followed by a tour of the art on display. Our Tour Leader discussed important aspects about the artists' work and their motivations behind their pieces. about the various pieces. Many of the artists were on hand to chat about their work and their inspiration. We allowed ourselves to delve into the artworks on a cool fall night at the end of a tumultuous and nerve-wracking week. It was a lovely evening of art that was relaxing and uplifting. 

For a time I was able to forget all my worries and fears. Crossing the main street I commented to a fellow artist "this is wonderful. It is amazing. Art REALLY DOES help - it TRULY CAN be uplifting and healing!" She responded with wry amusement, "Well, Amantha, that is funny to hear you say that considering that is what your work is all about."

"But I'm never on the receiving end!"

Was I a guinea pig? I had just maneuvered a maze of art and found a big hunk of peace at the end. "Man! This stuff REALLY WORKS!" I had been feeling so defeated and discouraged. With a renewed faith in the healing and helping power of art, I am going to work to help others get as much art as they possibly can into their days. We need the color and joy - we need to take care of ourselves when it seems to much that there are so many forces against us.

My first step is to launch a new Freebie section of my site. This is a library of my free downloads available to everyone*. It currently hold three items but will be expanded regularly. 

If you could just take a minute, please share this page on social media. Everyone needs art and healing. 

*Please remember that there work there is for personal use only. If you would like to  license any of the work for publication or a design project please contact me to discuss rates.