Rent Big Paintings for Your Large Walls

Have you got a large space to fill right away? Did you know that you can rent art? Renting art is a fantastic option when you have large walls to fill or if you are just kind of fickle.

The Cambridge Art Association offers an art rental program to corporations. My artwork is in their library of available works for rent. Parades and Popsicles is going off to spend the next six months in a local business. It will be back at the end of the year. If you want to know when it will be back, sign up for my list so you can be the first to know when it is back in the studio.

Art Workshop & Exhibit Viewing with the Artists of Darker Joys

Join us Thursday, March 21, 7-8:30pm for our Darker Joys workshop to spend the afternoon decorating a large triple layer “cake” with acrylic paint and glitter using traditional cake decorating tools. Katie Lane will demonstrate her mad mixed media skills (she uses cake decorating equipment in her daily practice, along with glitter and fluorescent paints). Guests will participate in the decorating process and will be encouraged to release their inhibitions and let their inner children out. This event will be a fun and hedonistic escape from our daily stressful lives.⁣

The Inspiration Behind "Bugle Beads"

I had a remarkably creative mother. Our home was filled with tons of craft and art supplies to play with and dig through. My new painting, “Bugle Beads”, reminds me of going on a little journey through Mom’s bead collection. Daydreaming about what all these glittery and magical elements can become. Sifting through boxes of shimmering beads or watching the light dance along the surface of a dress she’d adorned with them.

I’ve captured that magic here on this painting. Enjoy!

I Owe Pink An Apology

The color - not the pop star.

I’d always despised the color pink - thinking it was wimpy and lacking life. Clearly I had been hanging around with all the wrong pinks. It might have been a sad misconception I picked up from my mom. She also hated pink.

Until she got to be about 80. One day she confessed drily, “I like pink. It is because I’m old, I guess. I don’t know. When you get to be an old lady you start liking pink.”

Then we laughed and laughed. But she wasn’t joking - she liked pink.

I started in painting with pink as an act of rebellion - surely REAL artists don’t use pink, do they?

I choose not just “pinky pink’ but what a friend refers to as “PANK” - bright, burn-your-retinas-pink. The pinkest pink of all pinks. Magenta. Fluorescent Pink. Hot Pink. I love them.

Sometimes the pink covers the background and sometimes it is a coloristic surprise as in my painting, Happy Catch.

Please forgive me pink. I was wrong. You add life and spice to my world.

Happy Catch
60.00 119.00

Artfinder Editorial Picks In Abstract Art

I am tickled to announce that two of my pieces are included in Artfinder’s recent Abstract Art Editorial Picks! I have to admit that in reviewing their selections, I was tempted to click and buy so many of the works on the list. They have a great selection of abstract art in a wide price range. They chose a very affordable painting on paper from my collection, We Will Dance.

Don’t miss out - get a painting from the series here.

Get Ready! New Group Exhibit Coming in March

Psst! My bright and sassy paintings will be part of a small group show, “Darker Joys” at the Cambridge Art Association in March 2019. Save the date for the reception on Thursday, March 7, 2019. It will be a reception like you’ve never seen before.


I Don't Like New Year's Eve

I have to admit that this is the worst time of year. Those long, short days between Christmas and New Year drag. New Year's Eve is a dreary drunken requirement.

Inside, I sit tensely waiting, checking my watch and craning my neck - my 2019 bags are packed and I'm impatient for the New Year to arrive already. -- You guys have a Happy New Year. I'll just be tapping my foot impatiently while everyone toasts.

Bring on the 1st - I HAVE PLANS.

I hate new years.jpg