a Hug & a High 5

a Hug & a High 5


Delight your BFF with a big hug in a tiny note. Let her know how freakin' awesome she is and that you've got her back! Each pack loves you up with five different sayings and five different blasts of joyous art. 

You make the world a much better place.

We are better than friends - we're like a really small gang.

The world is filled with angels - you are one of them.

Together we'd survive the zombie apocolypse - we've got this.

You are even cooler than Pirates and Ninjas - combined.

Don't you want to spread the love? It's a tiny price for a huge amount of joy. 

Each card is printed on heavyweight stock and printed with art on one side and a different saying on the front. 3 1/2" x 2".



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