Bluebird of Extreme Happiness, Silk Scarf

Bluebird of Extreme Happiness, Silk Scarf

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Where did blue get such a bad rap? It's not all sad when everything's blue. This joyful silk scarf will bring out your eyes and put a spring in your step - yeah, I know, "Winter is Coming" but Spring is just around the corner - or in your closet.

Choose from two sizes: 36" x 36" OR 26" x 26" 

100% silk habotai fabric

Light and airy - the print can be seen through both sides of the scarf.

Finished with a machine rolled baby hem.  The finishing is durable and smooth.   

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Top image is the 36" x 36" Scarf

Bottom image is the 26" x 26" Scarf

Care instructions: Our silk scarves can be machine washed. However, please expect a change in texture after machine washing. To soften your silk habotai after purchase, mist the fabric with water and tumble on low setting. When washing, please expect a 3-5% fade which may be uneven and more noticeable on dark and solid patches. To wash regularly, add a mild detergent or shampoo and machine wash cold on the delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry. You may also dry clean your silk scarf.