Make Tracks, Silk Scarf

making tracks teeth.png
making tracks teeth.png

Make Tracks, Silk Scarf


Get out of there! You're not going to waste your time trying to change minds when they are set in stone. You know what is right and good and you're heading straight for that.

A smooth and simple design that reminds me of tracks - a reminder to keep going. Oh, and right behind that black track design? Big, magenta and pointy angle - maybe teeth?  You're nice. You move fast. But yeah, you've got teeth. Ow! 

Choose from two sizes: 16" x 72" 

100% silk habotai fabric

Light and airy - the print can be seen through both sides of the scarf.

Finished with a machine rolled baby hem.  The finishing is durable and smooth.   

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Care instructions: Our silk scarves can be machine washed. However, please expect a change in texture after machine washing. To soften your silk habotai after purchase, mist the fabric with water and tumble on low setting. When washing, please expect a 3-5% fade which may be uneven and more noticeable on dark and solid patches. To wash regularly, add a mild detergent or shampoo and machine wash cold on the delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry. You may also dry clean your silk scarf.