Artfinder Editorial Picks In Abstract Art

I am tickled to announce that two of my pieces are included in Artfinder’s recent Abstract Art Editorial Picks! I have to admit that in reviewing their selections, I was tempted to click and buy so many of the works on the list. They have a great selection of abstract art in a wide price range. They chose a very affordable painting on paper from my collection, We Will Dance.

Don’t miss out - get a painting from the series here.

Get Ready! New Group Exhibit Coming in March

Psst! My bright and sassy paintings will be part of a small group show, “Darker Joys” at the Cambridge Art Association in March 2019. Save the date for the reception on Thursday, March 7, 2019. It will be a reception like you’ve never seen before.


I Don't Like New Year's Eve

I have to admit that this is the worst time of year. Those long, short days between Christmas and New Year drag. New Year's Eve is a dreary drunken requirement.

Inside, I sit tensely waiting, checking my watch and craning my neck - my 2019 bags are packed and I'm impatient for the New Year to arrive already. -- You guys have a Happy New Year. I'll just be tapping my foot impatiently while everyone toasts.

Bring on the 1st - I HAVE PLANS.

I hate new years.jpg