Artist Statement

I aim to create forcefully joyous paintings that can't be ignored. 

These are bold, loud, opinionated pieces of optimism that grow out of my passionate desire to drown out the negativity and darkness and absurd bullying that are heaped on us at an ever-increasing rate and ear-splitting volume these days.

With color, paint and bold brush strokes, I want to trample darkness with Love. Joy. Optimism and Happiness. These works are a dare to overtake the forces that repress us and to rise up and dominate with positivity.

Every painting and every color choice is a bold statement, telling the world that I am not neutral: I side with inclusivity, diversity and love.

Each piece of art is a bold face dare. A bright pop of color lighting the way to FUN, wiggling its eyebrows, encouraging you to LEAN IN --- To roll those windows down on the freeway and belt out the beginning of an off-key melody --- and to let joy bounce into every SINGLE crevice of your soul.



Exuberant art for joyful living

Fairground Follies Series

Fairground Follies are paintings inspired by the sticky and sweet fun of the summer fair. All the childlike joy of cotton candy with none of the acrid smells or creepy dudes hawking rigged games.

Darker Joys Series

Darker Joys are paintings that express the hopeful spots of light even in darker times.


About Amantha Tsaros

I paint like I'm being chased and typically get paint on every surface of my studio. Find out all the details here.

New Paintings on Paper

Easy going 11" x 14" paintings on paper. Click through, baby!


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