Candy Dish is Off the Easel: Bright paintings ready to go.

These new paintings are ready to go. I’m ready to release these three happy works. Three cheerful paintings on matte black canvas in square format spring right off the wall.

New Vibrant Abstract Paintings

The summer is winding to a close and I’m looking forward to getting back to regular working hours so I can finish this new series of bold and luminous paintings.

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Join Me at Maud Morgan Arts for Postcards To Fay Reception

Join me for a super fun event at Maud Morgan Arts - I've got three little paintings in the exhibit alongside some other superduper-fantastic artists. Yes the work is for sale and - yoo-hoo! - the pieces are just $50 each. So, I will race you to the show - I have my eye on some pieces already.

Maud Morgan Arts

Postcards to Fay

An expansive artist postcard show to benefit the Chandler Gallery and Maud Morgan Arts

Show dates: July 29 – August 16, 2019

Reception: Thursday, August 1, 6 – 9 pm / Rain date: Thursday, August 8, 6 – 9 pm

Join us on Thursday, August 1 for a reception at Chandler Gallery and a fun filled event in the backyard –  Arts N’ Craft BREWS!

Food, local brews, affordable art, yard games and Live Music!


Give Small Abstract Paintings

Small paintings full of life and attitude are a wonderful little gift for your unique friend. If she has an independent streak or is especially quirky, give her a little painting that reflects her style and personality.

Small works of art are an original gift for bridal attendants. Commission a unique piece for each attendant - choose a palette that features her favorite hues or your wedding colors.

New Bright Abstract Paintings

I’ve been busy in the studio making new abstract paintings to bring cheer to your home.


New festive, candy-colored abstract paintings hang on the studio wall. Next I will varnish them with a glossy UV-protective coating.

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Art by Amantha Tsaros on Sale at Artful Home

Artful Home is holding a sitewide sale. All of my work that they represent is available now for 15% off regular prices for the month of June. There are even a few new pieces of mine there you have not seen! Check it out!

 below is “New Garden” available on sale at Artful Home.


Fresh Abstract Paintings With A New Focus

It’s been quiet around here - too quiet.

Well, I’ve been quiet but I’ve been working up a storm.

I recently got a bottle of Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0. It is one of the blackest blacks and is super duper matte. It looks fantastic against vivid colors and glossy surfaces. I’ve been using it to create designs that remind me of looking through a fence or lattice work.


Look for the next series which will focus on protection and safety.

If you need me I won’t be here

Social Media is eating my soul. The heartbreaking news releases and selfish squabbling in the comments section is making me ill. 


The best way to deal with this is to simply stay away from social media that gets me into trouble - I’m talking to you, Mr. Book and you, Bitchy Blue Birdie. 

If you’re looking for me in a social app, you will find me on Instagram where I show you behind the scenes shots of my studio as well as works in progress and finished paintings - THAT is where the online fun is right now.


Please stop by and say “hello”!


Hot Off the Easel Bold Abstract Painting

Here is a hot-off-the-easel painting.

It’s one of those things that I figured would never work out. But I kept at it and even tried to ruin it - and then after I tried to wreck it, it told me it was done. Oh, such fickle paintings!


Still seeking a title for this abstract piece!  


Peek in my studio

Here’s a peek at my easel. But I also paint on a table, the wall and the floor. I like to have a variety of surfaces at work at once. I’m currently working on six different paintings. This is a smaller painting is 12” x 12” and is on panel. The background is a smooth metallic silver. It will be coated with a shiny varnish when I’m done. Make sure you get on the list to see the finishes pieces first!

Bold Abstract In Progress. Amantha Tsaros Studio

Vibrant New Colorful Abstract Painting In Progress

I’m very excited to be working on a new series.

Here is a sneak peek of the newest painting I am working on. You can get a sneaky peek of some of the finished pieces I have hanging on the wall of my studio. Get a closer look at those here.


I can give you a tip and let you know that this painting has already changed a bit. Want to see it when it is done? Make sure you get on my list and I’ll let you know! Sign up here.

Happy Abstract Art in Pink and Yellow

I love the contrast of the pink and yellow against the bold black areas in this painting.

I’m still working out a name for it, but I’m feeling very attached to a name related to beach umbrellas. Add this to your collection. Buy it here.

Cheerful Candy Colors Bring Joy

I’ve been indulging in vibrant candy colors in celebration of the coming spring.  


The newest paintings I am working on feature vibrant oranges, lighthearted greens and sweet links and yellow.

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15% Off Sale on Abstract Art at Artful Home

Artful Home is offering a 15% discount on original art for a limited time. This special sale on art ends April 25, 2019.

There are only a few days for this sale so grab your happy abstract art as soon as you can. Shop here.

Abstract Paintings Back In The Studio

It was a happy homecoming as I returned my paintings from Darker Joys back into the studio. I’m especially fond of a newer piece, “Head of Honey”. This is an 18” x 24” painting that packs a lot of power in it’s mid-sized canvas.

It took so long to finish this one. I had almost given up on it but worked the many layers until it came to life.

A Group Of Mini Small Abstracts For Your Gallery Wall

Everyone has been going absolutely bananas for gallery wall layouts. Some people like to put tiny pops of color on the wall. I have a swarm of itty bitty paintings that will give you one little pop or grouped together to make a fairly decent sized BANG.

Click through to see which paintings are available.

Click through to see which paintings are available.

A Painting About Candy & Kittens

Who doesn’t love candy and kittens?

Who doesn't love candy or kittens? This is painting about some of my favorite things - puppies will be up next, I'm sure.

Candy and Kittens is a playful abstract painting of "candyful" colors peeking through a maze of white. This abstract painting features a range of springtime colors such as light green, pink, gentle orange and sweet pinks. Playful kittenish elements add to the fun of this painting. The sides are painted black and I’ve already wired it so you pop this one right one the wall as soon as you get it home.

What are your favorite things?

Rent Big Paintings for Your Large Walls

Have you got a large space to fill right away? Did you know that you can rent art? Renting art is a fantastic option when you have large walls to fill or if you are just kind of fickle.

The Cambridge Art Association offers an art rental program to corporations. My artwork is in their library of available works for rent. Parades and Popsicles is going off to spend the next six months in a local business. It will be back at the end of the year. If you want to know when it will be back, sign up for my list so you can be the first to know when it is back in the studio.

Art Workshop & Exhibit Viewing with the Artists of Darker Joys

Join us Thursday, March 21, 7-8:30pm for our Darker Joys workshop to spend the afternoon decorating a large triple layer “cake” with acrylic paint and glitter using traditional cake decorating tools. Katie Lane will demonstrate her mad mixed media skills (she uses cake decorating equipment in her daily practice, along with glitter and fluorescent paints). Guests will participate in the decorating process and will be encouraged to release their inhibitions and let their inner children out. This event will be a fun and hedonistic escape from our daily stressful lives.⁣